What is IGTV and why use it?

IGTV or Instagram TV is Instagram’s own video service, which became available to users of the social network just a year ago.

What is IGTV and why use it?

This unexpected innovation seemed strange to many: it would seem, why introduce an additional application for videos, when Instagram already allows you to post videos to the feed and conduct live broadcasts?

The massive bewilderment of users continues to this day: remember, for example, when you last opened the IGTV tab on your profile? Most of us ignore this still unfamiliar option — and, as it turns out, completely in vain.

What is IGTV and why use it?

Advantage one: you can upload long videos.

The main difference between IGTV views and video posts in regular feed is the length of the video allowed. While you can only upload videos up to 60 seconds long to the main feed (unless you use delayed posting services), IGTV allows you to upload videos up to 1 hour in length.

This gives users a lot of additional opportunities: on the channel in IGTV, you can publish saved live broadcasts, upload short lectures or video lessons, broadcast master classes and much more.

Second advantage: it is convenient to shoot and watch.

The second characteristic difference of IGTV is its vertical video format, which is optimal for shooting and viewing using mobile devices.

Recall that for a long time this video format was considered bad manners on YouTube, and most of the videos on this service are still filmed with the expectation of viewing on a computer or tablet. IGTV, on the other hand, was created specifically for mobile photography and therefore is convenient.

The third advantage: the ability to promote useful content.

Another — and perhaps most important — difference of IGTV is that a recommendation system is built into this service, which offers the user new videos for viewing based on his previous activity.

The recommended posts on Instagram function in a similar way, only on IGTV the system does not offer you regular posts, but videos.

What is the important plus of the recommendation system?

This opportunity provides a regular audience with constant access to content that is interesting to them, and for those users who purposefully promote their services on Instagram, IGTV provides another platform where they can gain popularity.

If your forte is not beautiful photos, but useful videos, now you can find your potential audience who will appreciate your abilities.

Important! In addition to three technical advantages, there is one more — not officially advertised: since at the moment a relatively small number of people use the IGTV service, for the development of the service, Instagram additionally increases the reach of those accounts that regularly post videos to IGTV.
Interested users managed to establish that to receive this bonus, it is enough to consistently upload 2 videos per week to IGTV.

The optimal duration of such videos is from 10-15 to 30-45 minutes.

Be sure to take note of this nuance — especially if your competitors are not active on IGTV.

Prospects for the development of IGTV

Interestingly, IGTV’s functionality is a lot like YouTube — including its recommendation system. Many people believe that the creators of Instagram have decided to compete with this largest video hosting site, which has been a leader in its niche for a long time.

However, we believe that IGTV is not so much an attempt to play against the giants of the market, but rather a way to make Instagram a more versatile and useful platform.
The majority of the population believes that on today’s Instagram you can find only beautiful pictures and the personal life of strangers — and, unfortunately, very often this is true. Having its own video service will allow Instagram to popularize useful and intellectual content — and attract a fundamentally new audience to the social network.

Imagine popular science lectures on medicine and new music videos just a swipe away from your favorite blogger’s photos and you know what we mean.